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Sheet metal manufacturing is one of many services we specialize in. Whether you need simple flat pieces sheared to size or more complex cut and formed parts designed for three-dimensional applications, we have you covered.

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Our pair of cutting-edge shearing machines are a crucial component of our sheet metal manufacturing operation. We employ two unique shears, each tailored to a wide gamut of materials and thicknesses. Whether you need delicate 24-gauge material or robust  ⅜” steel plates sheared, our equipment can accommodate you with the utmost versatility and precision. As such, we can cater to an extensive range of projects, from modest components to demanding industrial applications. No matter the scope or nature of your endeavor, we can meet your particular needs with perfect accuracy.

We not only offer shearing services, but metal forming services as well. Metal forming is a crucial aspect of many sheet metal projects, and we understand this. As a result, we have invested in a trio of highly-capable press brakes, which allow us to meet a number of metal forming requirements. We can effortlessly handle anything from thin sheet metal to thicker plates as our press brakes are more than up to the task. Their state-of-the-art nature grants them the ability to handle a variety of materials with unparalleled flexibility based on the material size and bend profile. Our braking equipment coupled with our team’s expertise add up to consistently incredible results.

If your project involves thinner materials, you can make use of our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programmed machines, which provide precision and consistency. Essential for ensuring the greatest accuracy and uniformity, these advanced machines are especially useful for large batch orders. Due to their advanced programming, CNC machines ensure that each component is an exact replica of the others and guarantee that strict requirements and tolerances are always met. In an industry that demands consistency and quality, the performance of CNC machines is incomparable.

Not only do our shearing and CNC machines put us at the forefront of sheet metal manufacturing; so too do our laser cutting services. Complementing our shearing and braking capabilities, our laser cutting services permit us to provide even more intricate and complex finished parts. Celebrated for its versatility and precision, laser cutting technology makes it an ideal option for projects that require intricate designs and cuts, as well as fine details. By combining our shearing, braking, and laser cutting services, we offer a simple solution for all of your sheet metal fabrication needs.

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Our team’s expertise in the field of sheet metal manufacturing is truly impressive. We understand that the success of a project hinges on precision and quality, and our commitment to meeting your expectations is unwavering. Whether you require basic sheet metal components or intricate, multi-dimensional parts, we will happily accommodate you.

Encompassing a wide range of capabilities, from precise shearing to intricate bending and advanced laser cutting technology, our sheet metal manufacturing services are second to none. If you need shearing and braking services, rely on our wealth of knowledge and experience to realize your project, no matter how demanding it may be.

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