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Structural steel is a broad category of different steel profiles, typically used in the industrial or construction industries.It is usually found in structurally supportive applications from internal components of a manufactured assembly, all the way up to the physical structures of the buildings around us.

Considering the specific needs of your project is essential. Standard stock lengths are common for many profiles, but the flexibility to order custom lengths or utilize saw cutting services allows for precise customization. This customization allows the structural steel components you receive to be tailored to your project’s unique specifications, enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency.

The Structural Steel Types

We Offer

As a premier steel supplier, we offer a variety of structural steel types:

structural steel - angles


Angles are L-shaped and come in various sizes, making them ideal for reinforcing corners and providing structural stability in buildings and infrastructure.

structural steel - channels


Channels, another essential steel profile, have a distinct C-shape and are frequently employed as support beams, especially in the construction of metal structures.

structural steel - flatbar

Flat Bars

Flat Bars have a flat and rectangular cross-section, making them suitable for applications where a broad, flat surface is needed for support or as a base.

structural steel - beams


Beams are a critical component of structural steel, and they are available in two main: “I” beams and wide flange beams.

“I” beams have a characteristic shape resembling the letter “I,” with a tapered flange. Wide flange beams, on the other hand, feature a straighter flange and offer more flexibility in terms of proportions.

These beams are essential for bearing heavy loads and providing the structural framework for buildings and bridges. While standard stock lengths for beams can range from 20 to 60 feet, we provide the option to order custom lengths or to take advantage of our saw cutting services to meet specific project requirements.

structural steel - tubing


Tubing is another integral aspect of structural steel, available in rectangular, square, and round profiles. Rectangular and square tubing are commonly used in applications where strength, durability, and a clean, geometric appearance are essential. Round tubing, with its smooth, cylindrical shape, is often chosen for applications requiring versatility and ease of fabrication. These tubing profiles typically come in 24-foot stock lengths, providing ample material for a variety of projects.

structural steel - solid barstock


In addition to standard profiles, we offer solid structural steel profiles in rectangular, square, and round shapes. These solid profiles are known for their exceptional strength and durability, making them suitable for various load-bearing applications.


Lastly we offer specialty bar grating material, perfect for walkways, drains or stair steps. Available cut to size for your specific need. Another common “off the shelf” product is our extensive stock of rebar, available in multiple sizes, lengths, and material finishes.

Boss Steel

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From angles and channels to flat bars, beams, tubing, and solid profiles, each type of structural steel serves a specific purpose in providing strength and support to structures of all scales. We provide these essential materials and services, ensuring that your construction projects are well-equipped with the right structural steel components.

Your search for “structural steel suppliers near me” ends with Boss Steel. Whether you need standard stock lengths or customized solutions, we’ve got you covered, guaranteeing you a successful and durable construction project. For all your steel needs and services, rely on the best; rely on Boss Steel!