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Steel beams and steel support posts are the backbone of structural construction designs, playing a pivotal role in supporting heavy loads and ensuring the stability and integrity of a building or structure. Beams are a mainstay of structural construction designs and they come in all shapes and sizes. Any time there are large loads to be supported, you’ll be sure to find beams, and more than likely posts, to help support the load.

Different types of beams and posts are available, and can be customized to meet your needs:

Steel Beams

Beams, which are horizontal structural elements, are designed to bear the weight of the structure and distribute it evenly. We offer two primary types of beams commonly used in construction: “I” beams and wide flange beams.

I Beams

“I” Beams

“I” beams are slightly taller compared to their width, and they feature a tapered flange. These beams come in various sizes, typically measured in weight per linear foot, to accommodate varying loads and span lengths.

Wide Flange Beams

Wide flange beams, on the other hand, have a straighter flange and offer more flexibility in terms of proportions. Both types of beams are readily available in standard lengths of 40 and 60 feet, but steel suppliers like us can also provide custom lengths through cut-to-size orders or in-house saw cutting services, ensuring that your project’s specific needs are met.

Steel Support Posts

Steel posts are crucial, providing a structure with vertical support. These posts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit different applications. They are often custom manufactured, so that the length, tubing size, top and bottom plate size, and mounting holes are suited to your needs. Custom manufacturing is often required to ensure that posts meet the exact specifications of a project. Steel posts can be round, square, or have adjustable heights to accommodate specific requirements. They are also equipped with top and bottom plates, along with any necessary mounting holes, to facilitate easy installation.

Customized Steel Beams and Steel Support Posts

We commonly combine beams and posts, and our fabrication services can help with the finished assembly. In addition to making custom posts, we often modify cut beams to fit or connect with one another, and the posts themselves through bolted connections. Typically derived from engineered drawings, we can take all of the base materials required and make a finished, ready to assemble order. To further enhance the durability and longevity of these steel components, we can prime paint them. This protective coating helps prevent rust and corrosion, especially when beams and posts are installed and subsequently covered without further access.

Customized Steel Beams

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Supplier of Steel Beams and Steel Support Posts

Steel beams and steel support posts are fundamental components in structural construction, supporting heavy loads and ensuring the stability of buildings and structures. As a premier steel supplier, we provide a wide range of steel beams and support posts. We also offer customization and fabrication services to meet the unique needs of each construction project. Whether you need “I” beams, wide flange beams, or custom steel posts, we can help simplify your construction process and ensure the success and longevity of your project. We also offer a host of other services.